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When you need a dependable HVAC contractor, there’s no one better than Summers A/C.

We are serving the Wichita Falls, TX, area and are proud to offer high-quality services backed by our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

The air in your home is more than just something you breathe. It’s the difference between a home and a place to live. The air in your home keeps it livable, comfortable, and safe—and that’s why it’s important to keep it at its best.

If you want to ensure that your home is always comfortable and safe, we can help! We’re a family-owned and operated HVAC contractor with 24/7 emergency services, so we’re always available to provide the high-quality service you need.

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Offering High-Quality HVAC Services

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Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you live, and it should always make you feel at ease. Regarding heating and cooling, this means keeping your home at the right temperature—not too hot, not too cold. But what if you don’t know how to fix things when they break?

That’s where we come in. At Summers A/C, we’re committed to making sure you can relax in your home, no matter what. We offer the following HVAC services, so you can take care of your family without worrying about who’s going to fix the air conditioner when it breaks down in July:

Improve Your Lifestyle With Our HVAC Services

You Can Rely on Us Even in Emergencies

When you’re looking for an HVAC contractor in Wichita Falls, TX, you want to know that you can count on them for all your heating and cooling needs. You want a company that will be there for you when you need them most, whether at 2 am on a Sunday or in the middle of a heat wave in July. You also want to know that your HVAC contractor is committed to improving the quality of your life by providing superior products and services. Whether you’re looking for new equipment or need some routine maintenance, call (940) 366-3302 today!

Our Full Range of Services


Professional Heating Services

Our team of experts has handled all types of heating systems over the years including furnaces, heat pumps and boilers.

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Air Conditioning Services

Summers A/C provides AC installation, maintenance, repairs, and energy savings programs that fit your needs.

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hvac units outside building bowie tx

HVAC Installation Services

Our technicians are trained to install your new HVAC unit in a timely manner. We’re proud to install advanced heating and cooling equipment on the market today.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Our commercial refrigeration service is designed for the safe, efficient and productive operation of your facility.

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